• Misheel complex and it’s tenants by the initiative of actress G.Undarmaa, jointly implemented a project called ‘Unur bul’ to fully renovate and decorate rooms of the orphanage center, where 3-8 year old children live, to create a home- like environment separating a big space as a dining room, a study room and a bedroom. The project lasted 2 months with a total budget of 82 mln MNT and completed on May 31, 2017 on the eve of Children’s Rights Day.

  • As continuation of this project, on  1st December during the New Year celebration “Misheel Group” LLC and “Niislel Delgets” LLC have initiated and organized “Children with Smile” event by cooperating with “KFC Mongolia”, Altan Joloo Group”, Children’s theater, and Bumbardai book’s team.  Children attended the “Golden Rooster” drama, invited to a meal at KFC and presented gifts from Sansar supermarket.
  • Sponsored publication of children’s book called “My classmate is an alien” on Children Rights Day, to be given as a present to orphans in Mongolia. The book teaches the children fundamental values in life such as to respect others and not to be racist, listen and learn from their teachers in school, how to treat one another with respect and not to judge people upon their first impression.
  • Between 1992-1995 sponsored all operational expenses and children’s presents of famous “New year celebration” organized by Mongolian Children’s Palace where 4500 presents were granted each year.
  • Between 2012-2016 Group’s two young employees were awarded full scholarships to study in the United States of America and Singapore for Master degrees programs in their chosen fields and currently one employee is studying in Australia.
  •  “SME business project” competition was carried out among the best students of National University of Mongolia and the winner student Baasansuren B. /3d grade student of School of Finance of NUM/ was awarded a scholarship from “Chono Finance NBFI”.
  • Senior teacher Tsetsegmaa B. who works in the 45th secondary school of Sukhbaatar district was given a donation to publish her educational book.  
  • On the occasion of 90th Anniversary of the University of Finance and Economics, the young professor Bilgee G. was given a Chono Finance NBFI’s award for contributing towards the advancement of the Mongolian education sector.
  • Backed the Mongolian Prime Minister’s Beehive program. The program’s purpose was to attract Mongolians who have been foreign educated and gained professional working experience abroad to come back  to Mongolia. We supported the program by designing and building accommodations for these repatriates in a friendly and attractive environment, offering a good quality standard of life on their home soil. Additionally the program also assisted them to attain good jobs with attractive salaries.