Human Resource Strategy

We aim to have the best human resource policy in the country, and by providing equal opportunity to all our employees, develop a team who can compete at the international level. 

If you join our highly skilled team, you will have access to new opportunities and continuous career advancement.  

Opportunity to challenge oneself in different business sectors

  • Our group invests and executes projects in real estate, hospitality, transportation, mining, finance and other business sectors. If you join our team, there will be an opportunity to contribute to Mongolia’s development and help improve essential business sectors. 

Your knowledge, skill and work execution is valued by its honesty and accuracy

  • We are offering payment system based on knowledge, skills, objective results, work experience, long-term commitment and additional salary according to work execution.

You can be one of our team members in our friendly work environment                         

  • One team, one mission
  • Support each other, share knowledge and information
  • We aim to compose positive and a pleasant work environment